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Golden House Chinese Food Restaurant


Dim sum at Shui Wah in Chicago.


The contemporary Chinese food we eat today is virtually unrecognizable from the recipes that the first Chinese immigrants in the 1800’s brought to our shore, as signature dishes have undergone a complete overhaul in order to appeal to western culinary sensibilities. Restaurants serving Dim Sum, however, may be the last vestiges of truly authentic Chinese food in North America. Offering a selective spread of Dim Sum dishes and contemporary Chinese food, Golden House Chinese Food Restaurant in Toronto take on Chinese cooking has made it a hit among locals and tourists alike.

Visit Golden House Chinese Food Restaurant

1280 Yonge St

Toronto, Ontario, M4T 1W5



The best Cantonese Chow Mein

golden house chinese food restaurant

Golden House Chinese Food Restaurant located at 1280 yonge street, Toronto, Ontario. Like them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/golden.house.754?fref=ts

Tucked away in Rosedale/Summerhill in Toronto, this western style Chinese restaurant has many great dishes. My all time favourite would be the Cantonese chow mein – hands down the portion sizes are large, the service is quick, the price is decent and it’s a family run restaurant making it very cozy.

Golden House has been around for 25 years in Toronto. This restaurant services to the corporate crowd during the weekday lunch hours and feeds the residential neighbourhood for take aways and deliveries.

Other chief suggestions and my recommendations:

BBQ sparerib, Crispy shrimp in salted chili pepper, general tao chicken (was there really a general?) and lastly shrimp with snowpeas.

mmmmmm, it truly is a Golden House.

A staple in Eastern style cooking

Green Onion

Green onions (also known as scallion, spring onions, salad onions, table onions, green shallots, onion sticks, long onions, baby onions, precious onions, yard onions, gibbons, or syboes) are the edible plants of various Allium species, all of which are “onion-like”, having hollow green leaves and lacking a fully developed root bulb.

Harvested for their taste, they are milder than most onions. They may be cooked or used raw in Asian recipes. Diced scallions are used in soup, noodle and seafood dishes, as well as part of a stir fry. In many Eastern sauces, the bottom half-centimeter of scallion roots is commonly removed before use.

Green onions are an essential part of Chinese cuisine. It is used in a diverse way as mentioned above from a hint to a garnish in a dish. Green onions are often used in Chinese style cooking. A very popular traditional item that incorporates green onions is called a scallion pancake.
A savoury, non-leavened flatbread folded with oil and minced green onions. Unlike a true pancake (western style pancake), it is made from dough instead of batter.
Scallion pancakes originated in China, Taiwan and surrounding areas in the world with ethnic Chinese populations. One can order these scallion pancakes in restaurants and as a street food item, and are also available packaged fresh or frozen in Asian supermarkets.

Other ingredients, such as chopped fennel greens and sesame seeds are sometimes added with the green onions.
The traditional method for cooking scallion pancakes is to fry them with eggs coated on one side.
In the western part of the world, pancakes are often served with soy sauce, hot chili sauce, or Vietnamese dipping sauce. This is how East meets West in terms of evolving food dishes or menu items.

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